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Tchoukball encourages one aim, the avoidance of conflicts and the perfectionof play. During the course of the game the players are not permitted tointerfere with players of the other team; they may not intercept a pass,interfere with the person carrying the ball or stop a player from taking a shot. The defending team instead positions themselves to defend the ball against theTchouk!

How to play Tchoukball? To play tchoukball, two official tchoukball rebound surfaces and a handball ball are needed. The game is played on a handball court (20X40 meters) between two teams of nine players or on a basketball court between teams of six or seven players. The rebound surfaces (which can be used by both teams) are placed at each end of the court, and each one is within a semi-circle line, with a three meters radius, which defines the forbidden zone.
The team that has possession of the ball has a three-pass limit before being forced to shoot the ball at the rebound surface on either end of…

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